First cup of real coffee in Great Britain

coffeeThank you, Chrysanne and Jack, for having a French press in this adorable little cottage. And thank you, Marcus, for suggesting I buy evaporated milk to substitute for half-and-half. Now, I’m all for doing as the locals do (I did try haggis, after all), but they just can’t make decent coffee. And adding milk only dilutes it further and makes it gray and unappetizing. I am loving my Java Sumatra this morning!

6 thoughts on “First cup of real coffee in Great Britain

  1. Never mind the coffee—–what’s important is to have a wee dram with the haggis! Your adventure sounds wonderful!!!!! All’s well here.

    • Oh, we’ve had our share of wee drams! Marcus has finally found a hobby, albeit an expensive one – collecting single malts. Good to hear from you. Glad to hear the house hasn’t washed away.
      Best, Cindy

  2. Nothing like waiting for and finally getting that good cup of coffee! Love the sheds, too. So much of this, including the names and language seems just so foreign. It’s so interesting though, and beautiful. Thank goodness for the layers, eh? Looks a little chilly in that wind!
    The castles are so gorgeous. The hills are too. Love all of your pics!
    Can’t wait to hear more, Caron

  3. Cindy – I think the hardest thing for me would be doing without my coffee. Glad to hear you are getting your “fix”! So much fun seeing all you and Marcus are up to! Thanks for posting.


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