Scotland Street

Scotland Street
The flat we are renting in Edinburgh is in New Town on Scotland Street. I was thrilled to discover after we arrived that Alexander McCall Smith has written a series of books called 44 Scotland Street. You may know McCall Smith as the author of the delightful book series about the No. 1 Ladies Detective Agency, which takes place in Botswana. Although McCall Smith was born and raised in Africa, he is a Scot and lives in Edinburgh. He wrote the 44 Scotland Street books originally as a daily serial for The Scotsman, an Edinburgh newspaper. They were so popular, he turned them into a series of novels. The characters are very quirky and engaging, and I’m loving reading about the neighborhood we’re walking through daily. What a bonus for a tour of the UK that is based on British literature! By the way, #44 does not really exist.

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  1. Cindy – fabulous pictures and wonderful descriptions! Makes me feel as if I am there. It looks as though the weather is cooperating with you as well. I was Edinburgh about 12 years ago for a few days and really enjoyed it. Visited the war museum up on the hill where they shoot the cannon every day. There was also an area up there that had something to do with witches – but I don’t remember the details. Your posts are great – I am living vicariously through you!


    • Yes, the weather improved somewhat after we left Skye, though we had a couple of rainy days in Edinburgh too. The weather improved drastically just after crossing the border into England. We actually had some warm, sunny days in Northumberland – great for hiking to castles on the coast. More posts tomorrow! Thanks for following us.
      Cheers! Cindy

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