Goodbye, Scotland!

At the Scotland-England border

At the Scotland-England border

The weather in Scotland was typically overcast all day as we toured the Borderlands. As we drove up the hill to the border with England, we could see sunshine. But then massive clouds began to roll in sweeping across the hills and at times enveloping them. I had never seen such fast-moving clouds; it was as if the DVD player was on fast-forward. Bursts of brilliant blue sky alternated with thick, white clouds that hovered practically in front of our faces. Such a dramatic end to our amazing Scottish adventure.

Scottish flag

2 thoughts on “Goodbye, Scotland!

    • Ever since I told Marcus the reason behind the Brits driving in the left lane while sitting on the right side of the car – to keep their sword-hands free for encounters on the road with oncoming travelers – he’s had no trouble remembering. There have been some close passes with oncoming cars when he’s been tempted to use the sword too! ;o)

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