Cornish pasty



When I was 14, my sister Nancy got me hooked on Gothic romance novels by Victoria Holt (one of a multitude of pen names for author Eleanor Hibbert). Although Holt’s books were set in various exotic locations, my favorites were set in Cornwall. The heroine would often eat
Cornish pasties (pronounced pass-tees). I had never heard of a pasty before, but Holt took great care to describe these flavorful folded pies chockfull of meat, potatoes, and onion coming straight from the oven, typically just as our heroine was about to pass out from hunger. (She always seemed to be running from someone, usually a handsome, misunderstood man, and had to spend her last shilling to fend off starvation.) Holt’s descriptions would make my mouth water, and I longed to try one. Today I got my chance. It was delicious! The pie crust was flaky and tasty, and the steak, potatoes, and onion were seasoned to perfection.

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