I missed the note about sharing food…

Arcadia Travieso

Arcadio Travieso

So it was too wet and foggy to hike, which is the main reason I wanted to go to Las Médulas. There are some great hikes, I understand, around the collapsed mountains.

Plan B: lunch!

The village of Las Médulas consists of about 30 homes which look, for the most part, like the people are living just above poverty level. But there were several restaurants to choose from (thanks to El Camino and the tourists) – all stone farmhouses, most likely with an abuelita (little grandmother) doing the cooking. We walked through the entire village before deciding on Arcadio Travieso (don’t ask me, I think it’s Latin). Loved the stone interior and the excellent servers. It was undoubtably a family affair.

inside Arcadio Travieso

inside Arcadio Travieso

One thing I missed on the sign when we went in: they serve “food to share”. In other words, everything comes on huge, heaping platters. We ordered salad, an empanada (which are pastries stuffed with meat, vegetables, and potatoes, and in South America and the U.S. are usually the size of a small wallet), and a veal dish with potatoes. The salad was tasty, and the empanada so huge (a 10×10″ square – think stuffed pizza!) that we had to cancel our veal dish. Bummer! If I had known, I would have left off the empanada (which was delicious – chock-full of meat) and taken the veal. Oh, well; live and learn. Good eatings today!

Abuelita's garden - we were eating fresh!

Abuelita’s garden – we were eating fresh and local!

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