La Rioja

a hilltop village in La Rioja

a hilltop village in La Rioja

We passed through the province of La Rioja on our way from the Basque Country to the city of Zaragoza in the province of Aragón. La Rioja is the primary wine region of Spain and produces some excellent wines, in our humble opinions. The countryside reminds me of Il Chianti in Italy.

This happens to be harvest season. We saw many pickers in the vineyards, and every 15 minutes or so passed one of these trailers laden with fresh-picked grapes. Looks like it will be a good season!

grape truck

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    • Yes. I sent both Jim and Debbie an email a month ago asking for suggestions of places to see, but didn’t hear back from them.

      Lisping is so hard to remember!!! I remember on some words, like gracias, but not on others that I also use all the time. I’m very inconsistent, but I try to explain to people that I learned Latin American Spanish, not Castilian Spain.

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