This is why we were in Northumberland

When I first started researching a trip to England, I thought we would just be visiting the southern part – and then I saw this photo. I think I’d seen it before – Lindisfarne is a very popular tourist spot – but this was the first time I’d seen it with the possibility of going to visit it. That’s when I decided that we’d have to see the whole country, and we might as well throw in Scotland and Wales while we’re at it. There is just so much beauty in Great Britain, and three months is not enough time to see everything.

Lindisfarne is on Holy Island, off the most northeastern coast of England – a heavily fortified coast due to constant threats from the Scots and the Vikings. There is a six-hour window when you can drive the causeway from the mainland to Holy Island; otherwise the road is covered with water. There have been numerous rescues of cars stranded on the causeway. You have to check the tide tables before you go. We made it safely there and back, and while there hiked up to the castle. A dream realized….

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