We were just wandering…

Cafe de los Asturias
Now that we are a little more familiar with Madrid – or at least el historico centro, our neck of the woods – we feel more comfortable just wandering without worrying about getting lost. The alleyways (cavas) are so inviting. They twist and turn and just beg you to explore what’s around the bend. And most are lined with the cutest little cafes.

So yesterday we headed out in the general direction of the Palacio Real (Royal Palace) and came across the Plaza de Ramales with several enticing cafes. As it was 3:30 and we hadn’t had lunch yet (we really are on Madrid time – or perhaps still jet-lagged!), we stopped at Cafe de los Asturias (Asturias is a Spanish province on the northern Atlantic coast). Marcus was intrigued by a photo on their visual menu of boquerones, or little fried anchovies (he’s into stinky little fish), and I was drawn to their selection of salads.

Great place, great food!


ensalada mixta

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