Chatting en español


Walked into a shop in Segovia and immediately liked the woman who worked there. We joked about my bad Spanish and her bad English, debated which language we should speak in, and decided on Spanish since I had come to Spain to learn the language. She joked, I got them, she gently corrected my mistakes. Wish I could stay. Would love to chat with this woman over coffee!

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  1. Yahoo! I finally got to read your posts! My computer has been very naughty and acting up. It’s getting old, like your Rita, and should be retired in the not to distant future. Replaced by a laptop or maybe and iPad. Sooooo, your travel logs and photos are wonderful as expected. One of my favorite childhood Uncle was from Spain. He looks like a Spanish Prince he was so handsome. I’m happy you are healthy and walking as much as you’d like it seems. I hope you find many nice people to practice your Spanish, I’m sure you will. There are always the police! I’m leaving for FL Monday. I’m sorry I won’t get to see you! I’ll be watching from the hotel computer! Safe travels! Hugs,

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