What is this?

sky bridge1

What the heck? This thing is attached to the seventh floor of our apartment building, and to the seventh floors of the other five buildings in this apartment complex. Since we’re staying on the seventh floor, we went in search of it. Turns out we have a key to the access door, so of course we went out to explore.

I couldn’t bring myself to step out onto the part of the platform that extends beyond the building. Yes, there is a panel at the end, but it’s vertigo-inducing glass and looks very low – maybe only a few feet high. I’m thinkin’ that’s not going to stop anyone. And there is some sort of seam where the platform attaches to the building. They tried to hide it with indoor-outdoor carpeting, but I could see it.

“Step out onto the platform,” Marcus said, “so I can take a photo of you.” No way, buddy, and I’m not letting you step out on it either.

What the heck is it for? The only thing we could come up with is a terrace for residents of the building. Unlike most apartment buildings in Spain, there are no balconies on these because the windows have these funky louvers on them you can adjust to control the amount of sunlight in the apartment. Maybe people bring their chairs and sit out on these platforms. Spaniards do love to be outdoors. Yet we never saw anyone out on one, and the weather was very warm while we were in Sevilla.

Whatever they are, you won’t find me out on one!

view of the next apartment building from our apartment

view of the next apartment building from our apartment

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